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How to Remove FDA Warning Letter

Having a warring letter issued against your company by the FDA can be detrimental to your organization or firm. Existing customers, and potentially new clients may come across this warring letter when searching your brand or products name. Even if already addressed this misleading information can remain on the FDA’s website for up to 5 years. Unless addressed appropriately with a firm that specializes in reputation management services such as OD Applications.

The Food and Drug Administration known as the FDA has different types of warning letters, some may mention mislabeling or ingredient warnings. These warnings should be addressed internally and request the FDA provide a closeout letter regarding the incident. It is not recommended to pursue removal of FDA Warning Letters that have not yet already received a closeout letter.

Just having a closeout letter may not remedy the current situation you are in. Where the FDA Warning letter is still coming up in terms of search and confusing your existing and potentially new client base. In this event, you will want to reach out to a firm like OD Applications to provide professional reputation management services.

Step 1 in the Removal Process

First you will want to reach out directly to the person that is overseeing your specific case. You can typically find this information at the bottom of the FDA Warning Letter. Here you can view their email address.

Reach out via email and request that this FDA Warning Letter be removed from search and if their webmaster could add a noindex meta tag to the letter.

We have seen that this works well if an existing warning letter has already been closed out, however there is no guarantee that this will be carried out by the FDA Webmasters.

Step 2 in the Removal Process

If the above step, has not provided any results you can try the following other options.

Within google webmaster tools anyone can request a URL be removed from search. This is a form that you can fill out and submit to Google directly asking them to remove the url from search. The FDA has several urls that have been removed in the past.

Along with asking Google to remove this URL directly, you can also submit that this url has been moved, outdated, or no longer available. By submitting this information you may see a minor reduction in the current FDA Warning letter ranking as Google will need to verify your submission.

Note, these are suggested methods and are not guaranteed to fully remove the FDA Warning letter in question.

Step 3 in the Removal Process

If none of the above steps have helped with reducing the FDA Warning letter search rankings, the final step will be to create campaigns to optimize for the problem keywords. These problem keywords might be your business name or product names where the FDA Warning letter is showing on the first pages on Google or other search engines.

You will want to focus on already strong Domain Authority websites you already have such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other websites that have reference to your business name or products. Build back links with your keywords from other top sites in your niche. This will help your other links start ranking higher than the FDA Warning letter pushing it off the the first page and so on.

If you or your company needs to have an FDA Warning letter or similar removed from popular search engines like Google, please reach out and get started today.